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Room Designer Guys in Filer City,MI specializes in all types of room design, whether it is you kitchen, your living room or the bedroom, we have the solutions visit us today or call us on 888-348-7353 and book an appointment. When you choose a specific style for your rooms, it will help transform the rooms into favorite space in the house. Learn about the most popular styles for your bedroom, kitchen and living room from the leading experts so that you have an easy time picking the room design that is most appealing to you. To book an appointment call us on 888-348-7353 and we will get back to you and schedule an appointment.


Design services

Room Designer Guysin Filer City, MI offers two levels of service; you can book a free in store appointment or choose a more home consultation at a fee which we would recommend especially if you are contemplating changes in several rooms. Both types of appointments last for one to two hours depending on how many rooms are in your project. To book an appointment contact us on 888-348-7353 or simply visit our shops and you are assured of quality service.Room Designer Guys provides room design services that will help transform your dream home into reality. Call us today on 888-348-7353 and book an appointed with the leading room design service providers.


Interior room designs

In most situations people normally have their preferred interior designs even without realizing. Modern, contemporary and minimalistic interior design styles have similarities such as clean lines, lower sitting furniture and emphasizing negative space. Some home owners find this styles clod and uncomfortable, however when properly implemented they can be comfortable and help small spaces appear larger.

We have the solutions visit us today or call us on 888-348-7353 and book an appointment.

Contemporary home design; includes clean lines, geometric shapes with little if any ornate work. Its emphasizing space within a room is very important. In this design the furniture is low, upholstered in solid and evenly woven fabric is in neutral colors. This type of design can sometime include in color to furniture and technology.

Modern style; it is one of the first design styles and fully integrated form and function. The central theme for this style is clean lines and it uses uses neutral, black and white colors. It uses some few accessories. Minimalist design style uses natural light to highlight spaces and shapes. Cool colors and cool white and blue lighting are the fundamental items in this design style. Because the style focuses on including the bare minimum of furniture, hidden storage is important and for example minimalist kitchens will have cabinets that match the walls and hide functional items.

Electric interior design styles; these interior designs are not really concerned with emphasizing negative space instead they focus on the furniture, fabric, materials and colors to come up with a distinctive looks which are distinct from one another. They are suitable for the spaces they occupy. They include American craftsman, classic, industrial, country and rococo.

We have the solutions visit us today or call us on 888-348-7353 and book an appointment.

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